Teaching Social Capital Literacy for Workforce Success

With this course, students will open up opportunities that they may have never dreamed were possible.

WSJS is more than a course. It’s a framework to help youth succeed. It's built on our social capital framework. The SCB social capital framework recognizes that connections are a key determinant of labor market success, and utilizes structured activities to help youth connect to a wide range of social capital assets both within and outside of their community. It's about connecting youth to information and individuals so they'll never have to look for a job again.

Meet The Instructor

Chief Opportunity Officer

Edward DeJesus

Bronx born and raised, Edward DeJesus is the nation's #1 youth workforce development expert and the President of Social Capital Builders. For the past few decades, Ed has helped thousands of young people build future economic opportunities. He is the author of MAKiN' iT and the former Vice-President of Community Affairs for The Source magazine.

Bonus Material Included

Additional Content to Help Prepare Your Students for Workforce Success


    Anyone purchasing for more than 100 students will have the opportunity to have the instructor himself, Edward DeJesus, conduct a virtual orientation for your students. Having Mr. DeJesus appear at the beginning of the course helps students connect better with the video content throughout the course.

  • Staff Training

    Learn how to turn WSJS into the perfect summer program with training from Edward DeJesus for your staff.

Pricing options

Packages are sold in groups of 25 students. If you don't see an option that fits your needs, please reach out to ed@dejesussolutions.com to discuss possible solutions. Any package with 100 or more students will include a virtual orientation with Edward DeJesus himself!

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